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New Jersey Wedding, Portrait and Lifestyle Photography


style + purpose

My wedding photography style is a balanced blend of documentary and editorial. There will be moments throughout the day when I will guide you through a series of looks but I also encourage letting your wedding day unfold naturally with minimal interference, to capture your story. I want you to feel free to be you... silly and wild or romantic and playful, whatever makes you unique as a couple. This will provide authentic results that are true to your wedding day. Most importantly, I want you to enjoy yourselves because your wedding day should be FUN! Sound good? GOOD! 


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It's not just about photography,
it's also about the experience.

Weddings aren't just about pretty portraits...

They are about the love, laughter and pure joy that you share with those around you. The emotions that take over dad as he gives away his ‘little girl’ to the person she loves, the romantic first dance as newly weds, the thunderous laughter of the groom and groomsmen when they flock to the dance floor, your dearest friends and family gathered around telling stories or yore and every moment in between. Wedding photography is about these fleeting moments, both fun and emotional. My wish for you is to embrace the day with vigor as I document every moment, big and small.

Married couple snuggling close


We meet

You submit a contact form through my website, email or contact through social media. We schedule a good time to speak over the phone, video chat or meet in person at a place of your choosing.

Say yes!

You've made the exciting decision to hire me as your photographer and I am honored. I jump up in the air while simultaneously giving you a hi-five because we're going to make some magic!

Plan it out

As we get closer to your wedding date, we will work together and craft a timeline to ensure the entire day runs smooth, from start to finish. I may also reach out to other vendors if needed.

Show time

This is it. This is the day we prepared for and we're going to crush it. Ain't nothin' gonna break our stride, ain't nothing gonna hold us down! It's time to party and capture memories that will last for eternity.


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Thank you!
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